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Personal Bits and Bobs

Height ... 5ft 9in, 1.75 metres
Weight ... 12 st 13 lbs., 181 lbs., 82 kilos
Hair ... Grey . . . . .(what's left)
Eyes ... Blue / Grey
First Tripper     Me by Me     Me by Me
First trip Cadet in 1970...
... now, the old Sea Dog ...
... and off to the do.
Status ... Divorced ...... ( Young, but not quite free and single )
Nationality ... English ........................ ( British )
Residence ... Warwickshire (Shakespeare's County), or as far away from the sea as it is possible to be in the British Isles.
Place of Birth ... Rugby. Where the game (sport) of the same name was started, by William Webb Ellis, at Rugby School in 1823
Date of Birth XXVIII . X . MCML
Personality ... Melancholic / Phlegmatic
Temperament ... Easy going, laid back
Social Habits ... Non Smoker - for the last 36 years
" I enjoy a drink or two
" I have never taken drugs
Shellback ... I first crossed the Equator on 19th June 1970 and still have my   "Crosssing the Line Certificate"   , signed by King Neptune, to prove it.
Order of the Blue Nose ... I have navigated inside the Arctic Circle
Likes and Dislikes
My Likes ü
My Dislikes û
Computing Soap Operas
Cooking - Quiet Meals for Two Decorating
Fishing Wet weather during my leave
Four Wheel Off Roading Pompous People
Good Food and Wine Smoker's who expel their habit into your face
Escargot, Steak Tartare and Cornish Cream Teas Rap Music
Music, Rock, Pop and some Classical Gardening . . but it has to be done
Photography Ironing . . . again it has to be done
Reading Getting Old
Walking, preferably in open hill country. Vetting Inspections of my ship
West End (London) Shows Hurricanes, Storms or Typhoons at sea
Women, sexy or erotic ones
Applying Sun Lotion to the above Applying Sun Lotion to myself

'Who loves not women, wine and song

Remains a fool his whole life long.'

Expansion on my kind of Music
4 or more cd's and in alphabetical order
Emerson, Lake and Palmer
Eva Cassidy
Jean Michel Jarré
Mike Oldfield
Pink Floyd
Tangerine Dream
The Beautiful South
The Moody Blues
Tony O'Conner
Other Interests or Activities
For some years now I have been involved with 'The Marine Society's, Sea Lines' which provides links between schools and mariners of all fraternities. My links are with one local junior school, to which my sons used to attend, and another in Wiltshire - see the story of the Bell in my "Page of Knots".

At these schools I endeavour to present photographic slide shows to the senior class each year.

You may visit 'The Marine Society' at http://www.marine-society.org.uk
Traditional decorative rope work and practical marline spike seamanship. This has led to giving demonstrations of knot tying, and their uses, to local Scout groups. Visit my Page of Knots
General household DIY and furniture caning.


Developement of Small Business solutions using Microsoft Office - Access, Excel and Word.

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